Happiness can be divided into 3 Categories…

  1. Physical happiness
  2. Mental happiness
  3. Spiritual happiness

These are brief summary of steps to take for achieving these in our lives:

For Physical Happiness:

a. Regular and proper DIET.
b. Regular and proper REST.
c. Regular and proper EXERCISE.

For Mental Happiness:

a. Minimize Expectations.
b. Minimize Ego & Pride.
c. Minimize Negative Thoughts.

For Spiritual Happiness:

a. Recognize your SOUL as a separate entity from the body.
b. Do not live in the PAST. Free yourself of past memories and experiences.
c. Do not worry about the FUTURE. But, plan for IT.
d. Free yourself in PRESENT of any attachments and hatred (Raag Dvesh)
e. Help all living beings without any expectations.
f. Meditate regularly and surrender to the Supreme Soul.

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