In temples or homes, you may have seen people breaking coconuts to offer to God. If you try to break the nut just as it fell from the tree, will it break? No! The fibrous outer cover must be removed to first expose the shell. The fibre protects the shell and lets it grow, preventing blows from the environment. Liberation results from breaking the mind filled with vagaries and wishes. But how can you break it when the fibrous armour of sensual desires encompasses it? So, carefully and persistently, remove them and dedicate your mind to God! Smash it open in His presence. At that very moment, you are set free! The toughest fibre is anger; it is indeed the stickiest dirt! When you get angry, you forget everything and quickly descend to the lowest depth. You lose all discrimination during the agitation. Be Aware! Cultivate virtues assiduously. Virtue is your life-breath, character is the backbone.

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