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Aathmeswar Sathiyaji is the founder of Sathiya Yogam, a place of peace and calm for people. With decades of practice, Dr. T. Sathyanarayana Murthy (Aathmeswar Sathiyaji) learnt the knowledge, wisdom and methodologies from several teachers, gurus, siddhas and became a master to teach meditation in a simple scientific way.

He started his spiritual journey in 1998 with Brahma Shree Ram Gopal, his first spiritual guide. He was then initiated to Siddha Vidhya in 2001 by Brahma Shree Mukthananda. He has travelled on a journey for 14 years in Spirituality through meditation and is a follower of Siddha Gurudev Sri Nityananda, Sri Ganesh Puri, and Parama Guru Shivananda Pramahamsa. Dr. Sathyanarayana Murthy is committed to serve humanity by providing spiritual guidance and healing the suffering beings. He conducts workshops in Singapore, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and India periodically.

Sulabha Dhyanam

Sulabha Dhyanam is a form of De-concentration Meditation which encourages an individual to observe wandering thoughts during meditation. Through Sulabha Dhyanam you will be able to relax your physical body, the muscular system, autonomic nervous system and automatically your subconscious mind will be invoked.

Case of a NASA employee – His Problems and Solutions

Sulabha Dhyanam helps a person understand why certain incidents happen in his life. To explain this briefly, let us tell you all about one of Sathiyaji’s follower and how he solved his problems. In the year 2006, one of Sathiyaji’s follower who is working in NASA had an issue and felt that whenever he ventured in life whether it is his studies, career or marriage, he tends to encounter blocks in the first try and he only succeeds in the second try.

When he consulted Sathiyaji, he narrated 4 different situations in his life about his failures and success. First, he started narrating about his school secondary exam results where he expected to be a topper in the results. Since the results were published in newspapers those days, he was not able to find his registration number in the Newspaper. He panicked and cried for not passing the exam. Later that day someone from the school called him and informed that he had scored District first marks and his number was separately published in a special column in another page. After checking that page of the newspaper he found his number and felt delighted.

In the Second incident, he had applied for admission to Top colleges and was not able to get an admission in any of the Colleges but after a month he received a Scholarship letter from the Cambridge University and got his admission only in the second try.

He also narrated the 3rd incident, when he applied for a job, he didn’t get it in the first attempt, but after few months he got the job in NASA, which reiterates a pattern.

In the 4th incident, he was about to get married to a bride arranged by his parents but on the day of engagement it broke up and he underwent a traumatic situation. After a year he married a loving girl and is happily married now. Thus in his life he always encountered a block situation in the first try and succeeded only in the 2nd venture.

During the consulting session, he did Sulabha Dhyanam and identified the reason about why he felt that way. He started realizing why he was not able to achieve it in the first attempt and succeeded in the 2nd try. In Sulabha Dhyanam, he saw himself as a young boy of 8 years, he was the only child to his parents and he used to cut the Birthday cakes always,.On one occasion, it was his parents’ marriage anniversary and so his parents bought a cake and cut the cake due to oversight. Since he could not cut the cake, he was dejected and cried a lot. To pacify him they gave him more sweets and cakes. From that day, his subconscious mind had registered that he won’t be able to get things in the first attempt and can only succeed in the 2nd try. He understood why he always succeeded only in the 2nd try and for whatever happened in his life.


In Sulabha Dhyanam, you will be able to erase your karmas by way of absorbing and visualizing the incidents during meditation. When the meditation takes place, your suppressed emotions popup to your subconscious mind and we’ll be able to analyze why you are undergoing the same situation or incidents in life. Sulabha Dhyanam also helps to minimize the effects of negative emotions like anger, guilt, worries and fear etc.


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