The Chikitsha products from Sathiya Yogam are exclusively made for people who deny themselves the solutions for their own sufferings because they are negative and skeptical about everything. Many individuals live in the illusion of their problems while some positive-minded people find a solution to their problems and lead a happy life.

It is very significant for people to understand that there are four essential components such as health, happiness, spirituality and wealth that decides whether the individual lives happily or not. People should also understand that the Vedic prescriptions and actions of the Panchabhuthas are completely beyond science as their actions fall under the fourth dimension whereas science stops with the third dimension.

Sathiya Yogam has figured out solutions for all human sufferings and has categorized them into Geopathic, Cosmic, Karmic, Chakra, and Planetary.


The negative energy emanating from the earth is called Geopathic stress. When an individual is exposed to high-intensity geopathic stress continuously in a house, it results in the compromise of the immune system of that individual and leads to health imbalances like stress, depression, aggression, insomnia, erratic temperaments, infertility, abortions, miscarriage, not responding to medications, heart problems, illness, cancer etc., To protect people from such problems, We at Sathiya Yogam have created a wide range of instruments and remedial gadgets to identify geopathic stress.

  • Geopathic Pads – Protects the hazards from Geopathic stress
  • Geopathic Rods – Filled with 27 types of minerals
  • Gruha Suraksha – 9 boxes balancing geopathic stress

Cosmic Energies

Cosmic Energies are basically energies that are above the earth and play an important role in deciding the wealth and happenings. It is very significant to check the overall energies of the house after the house is built. The presence of good energy in good quantum attracts good happenings into the house and that’s quite imperative. We at SAthiya Yogam have created several gadgets to ensure cosmic energy instantly such as

  • Navaratna Orgonate
  • South West Box
  • Shakthi Sarvatra Pads
  • Shakthi Dwar (Main Door Energizer)

Karmic Balance

The happiness of a person is decided by their Karma as each individual delves into the world with an opening balance which can negative or positive. This is the closing karmic balance of the individual’s previous life. Karmic balance determines happiness levels and age and we at Sathiya Yogam offer easy ways to earn quick good karmic points through remedies prescribed in Vedas and by Buddha.

Chakra Functioning

Chakras are basically the energy centers of the body and unless the individual keeps the chakra functioning at optimal levels, he/she cannot gleam as a complete person. This is because the actions, speech and the thought process of the person are linked to various chakras. Hence, it is very important to keep our chakra functioning at optimal efficiency levels. Some of the products we have produced for proper chakra functioning are:

  • Chakra Balancing Pad
  • Dhyana Peet
  • Smruthi Nischay Mat (Student Memory)
  • Poorna Nidra Mat
  • Adbuth 8-shaped mat

Planetary Empowerment

Astrology is something that is present for over several hundred years and is considered to be of great science. We have exceptional astrologers who serve humanity through their skillful astrological guidance. Since the success proportions are less when it comes to solutions, Sathiya Yogam has made planetary empowerment devices to rectify these problems.

  • Planetary crystal ball
  • Planetary gemstone pyramid – Blue Sapphire, Cat’s eye, Gomed coral, Emerald, Ruby, Pearl, Yellow Sapphire, Diamond.


Every single individual in the current generation cannot go by a day without using electronic gadgets and this is because of the multiple services that the gadgets provide. Adults use laptops and cellphones for work & communication whereas children use gadgets for games, knowledge, and entertainment.

It is a sorry fact that most of our time gets consumed by these gadgets and apparently, this can lead to various health problems like headaches, insomnia, temperament, agitation, stroke, cancer, infertility, etc, because of the radiation hazards that are caused by these gadgets. To counter-attack this problem, Sathiya Yogam has come up with products that can harmonize the radiation and reduce the heating of the gadgets.

  • Gupta Astra
  • Gupta Astra for Laptop


We at Sathiya Yogam provide several products for various problems and focus on helping people to overcome their issues. We provide 56 types of Crystal Balls called the Spatika Chikisha  and other products like Adbuth 8 mat, Poorna Nidra, Pruthvi Kavach pads, Sakthi Sarvatra, Dhyana Peet, SHakthi Dwar, Aaiswaryam pads, Smruthi Nischay mat, Depression mat, Anugraha Spatika mala (crystal mala energizer), Vishesha Rudraksha Mala (energized rudraksha mala), Energized door pyramid, meditation cloth mat and Anti-radiation products. Change your life with Sathiya Yogam.

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