The foundation of a successful life is good health. Whatever you want to achieve, a healthy body is mandatory. That’s why it forms an important part in the essentials of life. The four important components of life are health, wealth, happiness, and spirituality.

There are solutions available in this world which are far from science but many are being sceptical on such measures. The faith in such solutions is what makes the people capable of self-curing.

There are certain aspects of life that can’t be substantiated with scientific evidence. But there is evidence that believers of ‘beyond science’ practices are happily and quietly leading their lives.

People who advocate such practices have no proof do not seek beyond the three known dimensions. The fourth dimension has to be explored in order to gain knowledge and faith in these beliefs. Still not believing what our ancient vedic scripts prescribe? You’ll never be able to catch up with the priceless legacy that we have inherited today.

Without wasting much time, let us elaborate on the reasons why humans suffer. The important five categories as mentioned in our Vedas and Upanishads are:

  1. Geopathic
  2. Cosmic
  3. Karmic
  4. Chakra
  5. Planetary empowerment

Geopathic Stress

Geopathic stress is caused by mother Earth herself. It is negative energy emanating from the Earth to which if exposed at high intensity might result in immune system failure and many medical complications. So when the house is built, it needs to be in terms with the geopathic energy or else the ramifications can be lethal.

Sathiya Yogam has created a wide range of equipment and remedies to identify and protect against geopathic stress.

Cosmic Energies

Cosmic energies do not originate from the Earth. They are from the outer space beyond the Earth’s atmosphere. It is always necessary to contemplate whether the energy levels of a house is at an adequate level. That’s where the Vastu Sastra comes into the picture.

Even if the house is not constructed on this basis, there are gadgets with us that help you to find out whether the energy is above the 90% level.

Karmic Balance

Most of you should have heard this term. Karma decides the happiness of a person.

Every person in this world is born with a certain karmic balance. It may be either positive or positive depending on the good deeds and bad deeds one performs.

The net karmic balance is calculated by adding the previous birth karma and this birth karma. This sounds very similar to the balance sheet. Good deeds are assets and bad deeds are liabilities.

Even if the karmic balance is too low, we have remedies with which you can boost up and live happily ever after. The remedies are based on the prescription of Vedas and Buddha.

Chakra Functioning

Energy centres of the body called Chakras determine whether the person shines in his/her life or not. The optimal level of chakra functioning makes sure the person receives all the perks of life. So it is imperative to maintain the levels of chakras in the body.

We have certain products for proper chakra functioning as well. Scroll down to check out the products we offer.

Planetary Empowerment

We mentioned there are 5 categories of human suffering. Actually, they are six in number and the sixth one called radiation is prohibited by this system called planetary empowerment.

Planetary empowerment is closely associated with astrology. Astrology is a great science and astrologers in our country are expertise enough in this field to counsel the people and make them successful by following the planetary motion.

Planetary movement decides the various facets of life such as growth, marriage, financial status, etc. Sathiya Yogam provides remedies such as gemstone pyramids to solve all your problems.

Products we offer:

Aaishwaryam Pads

This pad is designed in such a way when it is placed at the South-West corner of the house, the entire house will be filled with divine fortune energy.

Pruthvi Kavach Pads

This pad is exclusively for avoiding the geopathic stress to cause any dreadful impacts on the person who is lying on a bed or a floor.

Shakthi Dwar

This energizer is designed in such a way to get rid of all the negative energies from the house and spread positive energy throughout the premises.

Entrance Energiser

This energizer emits the frequency to invite the positive energy inside the house and prevent the unwanted energies entering from the house.

Poorna Nidra Mat

Poorna Nidra helps in inducing deep sleep. The user can enjoy a deep sound sleep without any hurdle in the presence of delta frequency.

Shakthi Sarvatra

This aids in neutralising geopathic stress, sick syndrome energy and showering positive energies above the ground.

Smruthi Nischay Mat

This mat is designed in such a way when a person sits on this mat, he/she can expand his/her memory retention power and recalling abilities.

Adbuth Aat Mat

This mat enables you to walk in the form of 8 and showers benefits 4 times greater than walking straight. The mat is also scalar energized and hence it results in amazing health benefits as well.

Gupta Astra

This astra has the capacity to harmonise the electromagnetic radiation and to reduce the heating of the devices. It means it protects us from the harmful effects of such radiations.

Depression Diminishing Mat

This mat is not a medical product but helps in reducing the stress levels, anxiety and pain. It also boosts up the optimistic feeling, confidence and happiness.

Prana Vrudhi Pad

It energizes the water and food thus boosting the energy levels of the consumer. Imagine how it would be if you feel energized throughout the day!

Energized Dhyana Peet

It cleanses the Earth energy and neutralizes geopathic stress. It instantly takes the person who sits on the mat to meditative mode.

Crystal Mala Energizer

It is made of Spatika which have many medicinal benefits if used. Spatika crystal balls are briefed below. Scroll down to read.

Energized Rudraksha Mala

Worshippers of Lord Shiva know a better deal about rudraksha than anyone. One is considered highly spiritual and energized if he/she wears this mala.

Spatika Chikitsa

Many of you might have heard the term ‘aura’. If not, you must have heard the term ‘vibration’. Both the terms are more or less closer in synonyms. That’s what explored by Sathiya Yogam in the form of crystal balls.

Each living being is blessed with a particular frequency to lead a happy, healthy, and prosperous life. If the frequency of the body alters, there are chances the person might end up in unwanted stress and problems.

The inception of Spatika Chikitsa is to bring back the frequency of the body into alignment with the divine beings. Each crystal ball is designed in such a manner that it covers a particular area of issue. Some of the vital crystal balls we offer at Sathiya Yogam are:

  1. Detox Crystal Ball
  2. Pleasure Unlimited Crystal Ball
  3. Nutrition Crystal Ball
  4. Sure Sleep Crystal Ball
  5. Energy Unlimited Crystal Ball
  6. Oxygen Generator Crystal Ball
  7. Vericos Veins Relief Crystal Ball
  8. Sure Hair Crystal Ball
  9. Sinus Relief Crystal Ball
  10. Alzheimer Relief Crystal Ball
  11. Kidney Salt Remover Crystal Ball
  12. De-Addiction Crystal Ball
  13. Cancer Management Crystal Ball
  14. Leucoderma Relief Crystal Ball
  15. Natural Weight Loss Crystal Ball
  16. Thyroid Relief Crystal Ball
  17. Blocks Remover Crystal Ball
  18. Ulcer Relief Crystal Ball Crystal Ball

Chikitsha products are solely from Sathiya Yogam and if you are interested in buying any of them, you can contact us at 044-24898069 / 42667288.

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