“Energy and perseverance can fit a man for almost any kind of position”, said Theodore F. Merseles. Each and every life on the Earth is blessed with native energy. This energy is sufficient for anyone to survive and withstand any sickness or disease. Besides the energy required, the frequencies necessary for leading the life is also embedded within a person’s body.

Although, people tend to get caught in any kind of problems or disease due to their insufficiency of receiving the energy from the indigenous source. The insufficiency is primarily because of the frequency modification of the body and thus hindering the body from receiving the energy from either internal and external sources.

Every being typically is smitten with unnecessary energy and toxins through the day to day food habits, routine lifestyle and circumstances. Proper treatment has to be initiated in order to get rid of all unnecessary negative energy, frequencies and toxins from the body for fighting against any ramifications.

Sathiya Yogam, after figuring out all these complications in a person’s body, commenced a program called Chikitsha which offers treatment for a person who may be in dire need of cleansing. The different types of treatments offered for different issues involve scientific methods and purely of no side-effects.

Let us brief on the several therapies we offer at Sathiya Yogam in a nutshell:

At first, the person will be detoxed in any appropriate way – traditional, emotional or scientific. Then, the treatment would be started by sending signals of certain frequencies through the person. Devices required for all such processes are possessed by Sathiya Yogam. After diagnosing the real problem, the fitting treatment among the below would be initiated.

Brain Light

This treatment uses the branch of science- Optogenetics to cure the person. It sends light signals to stimulate the proteins on the surface of the brain neurons. By stimulating the proteins inside the head, various glands and regions would be activated and in the end, the person can be recovered from any life challenges.

Brain Tap

This treatment activates the middle brain by synchronizing the left and right brain. The synchronous implementation can be achieved by sending in the brain tapping signals and thus turning brain waves into a symphony. This treatment is a quick and easy way to relax, reboot and revitalize the body and mind of a person.

Conch Therapy

Conch is a large-sized shell and they are naturally of 8 categories. Different types of herbs placed along with the conch cure all sorts of diseases including terminal diseases.

Foot Detox

This treatment uses signal frequencies and activated carbon to cleanse a person’s body by removing all toxins from the body through the foot.

Oxygen Treatment

The device involved uses energy embedded scalar crystal ball to increase the oxygen intake and to reduce the oxygen absorption of the body.

Bio Zap

It is the most advanced bio-resonance and frequency balancing tool that brings the human energy field to a balance for optimum health and disease-free life.

This treatment also helps in restoring health, preventing diseases and slowing down the ageing process. It is the therapy for the future today.

Wand Therapy

Wand therapy uses the Siddha method for healing the body. As we all know, Siddha treatment is one of the most ancient and reliable medical practices available today. Also, the treatment causing no side-effects for the user is an added advantage.

Plasma Light Therapy

Biozap complements this treatment and it transmits very precise frequencies to detox pathogenic microorganisms which are the primary cause for most of the physical and mental problems. The plasma bulb within the apparatus is capable of generating the electric field strong enough to hit even large parasites.


DENAS is an acronym for Dynamic Electro Neuro Adaptive Stimulator. This aids the body to recover the lost connection between the central nervous system and internal vital organs. This launches the recovery of the human body independently.

This therapy has been accepted as a new form of treatment in prevention, therapy and rehabilitation worldwide.

Colloidal Silver Therapy

Silver has been used in medicine for centuries to cure all types of tuberculosis, arthritis, herpes and even cancer. This treatment uses the same old method – colloidal silver that gets suspended in the liquid cures all kinds of fatal diseases in a human body. Even many scientists today tout silver has the capability of fighting back infections and boosting the immunity health irrespective of the severity of the disease.

Aqua Tone

This treatment makes use of resonance therapy that forms the basis of the resonance wave power which creates vibrations capable enough to unite the water molecules of various sizes and synchronize the dynamic water configurations. Doctors of today accept these waves are able to create a strong biological impact and to improve the metabolism of the body.

Monicor Frequency Therapy

Today’s scientists’ research is mostly on the impact of electromagnetic waves’ precise transmission inside the body. This treatment gets the basis of this research study. Monicor scans the entire body and its organs for determining its stress levels. After the determination of stress levels using frequency changes, comparison with normal values will be done to check the health status of the individual.

Acu Sense

Can you believe the acupuncture treatment can be provided without the need for needles and pain? Acu Sense senses the live points for acupuncture and starts the healing process by using high-frequency low resistance formula. It restores the internal body functions, accelerates recovery and also assists in quickly relieving the pain.


The purpose of ACMOS is to cleanse and energize the chakras of a human body. It also aligns the chakras in the right position by increasing the frequency of chakras.

Siddha Healing

As mentioned earlier, Siddha is one of the best and side-effects free medical practices for healing purposes. This treatment makes use of Siddha methods, Siddha equipment and Siddha mantras to heal the body.

The treatment processes mentioned above are purely undertaken in a safe environment in the presence of experienced professionals. Besides, these treatments are completely scientific and not swindling. Please contact us for further explanation of each treatment we offer.

We together liberate each other! Aatma Namaskaram!

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