“Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty,” said Henry Ford. Learning is what keeps the mind young and fresh. Sathiya Yogam replicates the words of such wise men who stressed on learning and initiated its training and information sessions called Shiksha.

Shiksha consists of many spiritual enlightenment programs for familiarizing people with spirituality and teaching them on several life-changing lessons. Let us brief on the programs we offer below.

Shiva Yoga Sadhana

Every life in this world is connected to Lord Shiva. But many of us fail to recognize him and go in search of him in far-fetched places. Through this program, one can liberate oneself by connecting with Lord Shiva through enlightenment.

In this program, knowledge about the supreme Pranayama practice will be shared along with a 4-day spiritual retreat at 8 temples around Tiruvannamalai.

Srividya Upasana and Dasamaha Vidya

Everyone craves for a blissful, prosperous and successful life. But hardly anyone gets any of this. This program is readymade for them exclusively. This program is also for everyone who wants to be enlightened.

It includes practices to awaken psychic abilities, draw and feel divine love, cultivate inner silence, supercharge energy levels and so on.

Heartful and Mindful Living

We have seen people struggle in their lives even though they are successful in minting money. This is because of the lack of a healthy and peaceful life. This Shiksha training helps people with self-management lessons for greater success.

The program includes a 1-day workshop for strengthening physical, mental and emotional elements. It also assists in achieving one’s dreams, physical growth, emotional growth, and mental growth using modern techniques.

Navagraha Kriya Dhyanam

For the people who seek all in one, this program is an all-rounder. It is for overall wellness. This is for altering one’s inner being to receive the graces of almighty.

The program includes Mantra, Yantra and Tantra equipment to energize and receive the grace of a particular planet on a particular day. It focuses on every aspect like health, relationships, success, and prosperity.

Money Thantra

Today everyone is running for money. But only a handful gets what they ask for. So Sathiya Yogam introduces this program for attracting wealth and affluence.

It is a 2-day program for attaining prosperity and abundance with Vedic and modern Thantras. This program is for mastering the techniques for an abundant and satisfactory life.

Live Your Dream Life

Dream, Believe, Achieve!

Every human dream of a life they lead one day. But many of them are not attaining their dream life even after a lot of struggles. 

This is a 1-day program to learn the secrets to transform oneself. This program helps in leading the dream life with happiness, health and wealth.

Shiva Shakthi

Ever heard about Chakras? Heard about them but no idea of what are those? This program is exactly for you. It is a 1-day program that teaches on Chakras in-depth, Karma and its salvation, introduction about Kundalini (consciousness) and Kundalini Yogam.

Life is a Celebration

As the title itself says, life is truly a celebration. But many of us don’t treat it that way. We make life very complicated and search for happiness outside which exactly lies within us.

This is a residential workshop to strengthen oneself, intellect and emotional being. This is purely for the one who wants to lead a cheerful life. We also teach on mastering emotions in this program for mastering life.

Suddha Siddhi Shakthi

You might have seen people who rejoiced a minute ago starts to regret or remorse for some unknown reasons. This is due to some psychic attacks and negativity in their surroundings.

This program helps to transform oneself and to defend oneself from these kinds of psychic attacks and negative energy.

Sambhavi Sakthi

This program is for self-defending from the negativity from oneself and one’s surroundings. This program also helps in protecting oneself from black magic, witchcraft using precious and sacred materials.

Powerful meditation helps in fighting against the psychic attacks one gets. This program also teaches such meditations for energizing the body to fight against such negativity.

Ratna Mandala Shikisha

What if the body and mind can be healed by following simple techniques? Sounds fun, right? This program is for those who want to learn Lemuria temple healing techniques.

Along with the learning of such healing techniques, the program includes various crystals and precious stones for healing and spiritual purposes respectively.

Siddha Shakthi

This program is for those who seek healing through Siddha practices. Siddha is one of the oldest medical practices which involves no side-effects for the user.

This program uses the Siddha energy for powerful healing methods. Along with the healing methods, meditation techniques for erasing negative energies will also be taught.

Kriya Shakthi

This program teaches self-management for greater success and methods for leading a healthy, prosperous and peaceful life. Complementing Kriya Shakthi with self-management can create magic in life.

This program is also for achieving the dreams one has in mind, physical growth, mental growth, and the art of blessing techniques to bless and get blessed.

Anthar Shakthi

People fail to recognize the inner power they possess. The inner power of a person is immeasurable and people who have unlocked their inner powers have reached greater heights in their lives.

This program is to explore the inner power of oneself and to learn about the Chakras and meditations associated with Chakras. Techniques for healing the Chakras are also included in this program.

Aathmadarshan @ Rishikesh

It is a 9-days spiritual retreat at Holy Ganges. The Ganges is one of the holiest places in India and visiting it for spiritual purposes manifolds the positivity of a person.

Each day has a specific purpose and practice to complete. Some of them are dipping in Holy Ganges for cleansing karma, experiencing the higher plane, study the purpose of life in this Mother Earth and so on.

Mandala Healing

It is another one of a kind healing program that uses ancient sacred geometry patterns. Mandala Healing is for improving one’s health, wealth and achieving goals in life.

It is a 2-days program that also includes knowledge sharing on sacred geometrical symbols, the significance of golden numbers and crystals & precious stones.

Learning is a continuous process. Our Aathmeswar Sathiyaji has immense knowledge in training people in spirituality as he has got a lot of experience in them. Shiksha training sessions are unique and people who have experienced such training have gone places and are successful in their fields. So if you are interested in being a part of us, you can contact us at 044-24898069 / 42667288.

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