Sathiya YOGAM

 “For people who are praying to God for more money, I say this: First open your eyes to how much the Universe has already given you. Look from eyes of abundance, not from eyes blinded by a belief in scarcity. Then pray that God will get out battery cables, clip Read more…

Bhogi Message-Burn to Learn

Burn Ego; Learn Humility Burn Hate; Learn Love Burn Apathy; Learn Empathy Burn Negativity; Learn Positivity Burn Jealousy; Learn Self-Motivation Burn Greed; Learn what is your Need Burn Dejection, Learn Determination Burn Rigidity; Learn Flexibility Burn Arrogance; Learn Humbleness Burn Revenge; Learn Forgiveness Burn to Learn Please visit our website: Read more…

Sathiya Yogam Speaks

Give yourself a chance, Give yourself the moment, Give yourself the freedom, Give yourself the power, Give yourself the confidence, Live for today not for tomorrow, Live the EXTREME ! *Because you got yourself only one life… LIVE IT ! Please visit our website:


The further you go in the spiritual life, the greater becomes the responsibility. And the greater the responsibilities become, the greater becomes the need for self-discipline. —Harold Klemp The Language of Soul Please visit our website: