Anti-Radiation Accessories

Now a days every one of us which include both children and adults are using electronic gadgets for various purposes in their daily routine life. Children use gadgets to work, play games or entertain themselves. Adults are more involved with laptop  and cell phones to work and for communication.  Thus mobile phones or gadgets take up most of our time and apparently suffer a lot of radiation hazards which leads to various health problems like head ache, insomnia, temperament, agitation, stroke, cancer, infertility etc.

After a considerable research our team prepared this product with certain earth minerals. These minerals have capacity to harmonise the radiation (EMF) and reduce the heating of the gadgets while in use. We have employed unique mineral technology plus scalar technology plus frequency technology in creating the most need of our product Gupta Astra (Radi safe) which protect us from harmful effects of gadget radiation.

This product undoubtly is most effective product of its kind as it doesn’t interfere with signal strength

One can be confident that Gupta Astra (Radi safe ) when attached to the mobile phone or gadget can protect us from harmful effects of radiation based on certificate given by the worlds renounced electronic testing laboratory and other reputed institutions.

Although one can’t feel the radiation directly. They can definitely appreciate the reduction in heating of ears upon using Gupta Astra (Radi safe ) as felt by many users worldwide. Since heating is because of EMR only we can safely assume that they are indirectly feeling EMR itself.

Mobile Tower Radiation Harmoniser

The studies worldwide have revealed that people living near the mobile towers are subjected to many health imbalances such as faster DNA mutation, cancer, paralysis etc. This product helps to harmonise the effect of radiation inside the house which are located near the mobile towers


It reduces radiation and also heat from the electronic gadgets.

Cell Phone

It reduces radiation and also heat from the mobile

Emf Shield

It is a square from and shields more than 95% of EMR and prevents the exposure of our being to U.V rays also