The fragile concepts involved in the Crystal Ball therapy is the solution to your physical and mental states…

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Download the Products Brochure for Spatika Chikitsa (Crystal Ball)

Here are the various categories you can choose from:

  • Cancer Management
  • Constipation Relief
  • Sinus Relief
  • Thyroid Relief
  • Ulcer Relief
  • Vericose Veins Relief
  • Alzheimer Relief
  • OM Frequency Embedded
  • Pancreas Booster
  • Pleasure Unlimited
  • Sure Hair
  • Sure Sleep
  • Energy Unlimited
  • Negative Blocks Remover
  • De-Addiction
  • Detox
  • Kidney Salt Remover
  • Leucoderma Relief
  • Natural Weight Loss
  • Oxygen Generator
  • Pet Care
  • Nutrition

This Crystal Ball is permanently impregnated with a specific required frequency, using our Frequency Embedding Technology, to remove the blocks from blood vessels

How to Use

  • Drop the Crystal Ball in 1-2 Liter water bottle and consume the water after a minimum of 15 minutes
  • You can also spread the consumption of this water for the whole day before and after food.
  • The ball can also be left permanently inside the bottle, with water filled after every consumption
  • Drink 1-2 Liters of this water per day

Life of this ball is minimum 1 year from first use

NOTE : This is not a Medical product & No Medical cures are claimed