Sathiya Yogam provides various types of treatments to its followers and general public. Few of the different types of treatments done are Brain Tap, Brain Light, Bio-Zap, Plasma, Colloidal Silver, Aqua Tone, Dena, Acu-Dense, Acu-Nidhan, Monicor, Conch Therapy, Siddha Therapy, Colour Therapy - Laser, Foot Detox, Lower Level Laser etc. Few of the Traditional Methodology ways are Brahma Padha Chikitsa, Abhaya Hasta Chikitsa, Ayur-Varma, Kabala Chikitsa, Auricle Therapy & Navel Therapy

Every person is born with all required energies for his life time and Everyone is born with all required frequencies and information for his life time.

Any Disease/Problems arises for a person when there is any deviation from the imbedded information/insufficiency in receiving energy from inner source of the person due to alteration of frequency vibration in the being.

In the flow of life, every person accumulates unnecessary energies & toxins through food, habits, circumstances & life style.

Sathiya yogam treats a person at first initially using the following

1. Detox by a way of traditional, emotional & scientific ways.

2. Sathiya Yogam tests & treats by sending/using appropriate required frequency to the person / being through quantum consciousness by using devices like Monicor & Quantum Analyser.

3. We also treat through quantum consciousness by way of giving information to the particular system to act normally.