A program for everyone who wants to be enlightened

  • Awaken your Psychic abilities by Dwadasa Chakras Meditation.
  • Draw and feel divine LOVE within you thru BALA UPASANA.
  • Attract Wealth, Fame, Respect, Power and Prosperity thru PANCHADASI.
  • Cultivate Inner Silence and Blissful by Meditating MAHA SHODASI.
  • Super charge your energy levels by DASA MAHA VIDYA.
  • Healthy body with constant Rejuvenation by SRIVIDYA HAVAN.
  • Learn to invoke 108 Goddesses through Navavarana meditation.
  • Learn more about
    a. Thidhi Nitya devatha meditation
    b. Sapta dhathus Meditation
    c. Aksharaatruka Meditation

Srividya Upasana & Dasa Maha Vidya

Srividya is a Science & an ancient tradition followed in India. The fascinating topic of Srividya is the perception of reality.

The tradition of Srividya is a Holistic life style. It encompasses an Individuals total well being which includes Physical, Mental, Intellectual, Economic, Social, Cultural, Spiritual & Universal.

It is known that around us there are numerous waves that we do not perceive. However, there is also a field of higher information called “the upper world” or “the creator”, we can come in contact with that field & receive everything from ‘THE CREATOR’. The sensation of wholeness that exists in that field.

Srividya is the devotion & Meditation of mother goddess Sri Lalitha Tripura Sundari, who is the form of auspicious wisdom, Power & Wealth, Embodiment of love, compassion & prosperity.

Srividya begins with the worship of the idol which has four dimensions of name, form, sound & meaning. Soon after it turns as the adoration of Maha Meru, a three dimension world of the Universe & then transverse the two dimensional Srichakra. Later on, it results in one dimensional meditation being the merger of the male & female energies within. The ultimate aim is to attain the dimensionless state.

There are three different tradition of Srividya such as Kaulachara, Samayachara, Mishra. Here we follow the Simplest & Easy tradition. i.e Samayachara Srividya.

Srividya Level 1

Explanation about Dwadasa Chakaras

Chakras or the Energy vortexes in our body which are located on our Sthula Sharira. Chakras are said to be “Force Centers” or whorls of energy permeating from the point of the physical body.

Each chakra represents an element & associated to a part of the human body & it has control over the mental, emotional, physical & spiritual level.  Our health on all levels depends on the flow of energy through these chakaras & their condition.

B. Samayachara Srividya

As name itself denotes that samaya which  means always with me. It is called antaryoga. It is a niradhara sadhana.

When dhyana becomes intense, sadhak’s mind is dissolved & transcends into deeper sense. Where an idea is transformed into reality from being to becoming.

It is also called Samaya Para Vidya,where there in  the worship is internal & pure satwik. Here the object is to establish the relation and similarities between the human body and the srichakra, which is the symbolic projections of the universe.

Srividya Level 2

Invocation to Goddess Bala Tripura Sundari who is regarded as  the child like form of the Goddness Tripurasundari.

Goddess Bala is the ultimate primordial source of energy or Shakthi.

She is the goddess of the Sriyantra which is regarded as the source of all energies available in the universe.

B. Akshara Matruka Dhyanam

In Nature we have 51 sounds  which  evolves from 51 goddesses.

In  these Meditation we are invoking all akshara matrukas

Srividya Level 3

A. Initiation to Panchadasakshari Mantra

The Srividya Panchadasakshari mantra has fifteen syllables which are said in a coded manner. This mantra is the order of the names of the group of Devatas.

B. Tithi Nitya Devatha Meditation

C. Navavarna Meditation and Navavarna Devatha Gayathri Meditation

Srividya Level 4

A. Initiation to Mahashodasi

Goddess Shodasi is also known as Tripura Sundari. As the name suggests,  Goddess Shodasi is the most beautiful in all three worlds.

She represents goddess Parvathi or also known as Tantric Parvathi. Goddess Shodashi is also knows as Lalitha & Rajarajeshwari which means “the one who plays” and “Queen of Queens” respectively.

Normally wishes & aspirations get fulfilled.


  • Removes the obstacles in functioning of Business
  • Helps in getting desired partner
  • Removes delay in marriage
  • Cures infertility
  • Protects from evil effects & malefic energies
  • Removes enormous debt that pushes a person to extreme poverty.
  • Improves social, financial & Physical instance of misfortune.

B. Srividya Healing

The Srividya method of self-healing of mind & body is aimed at mitigating existing diseases & preventing further diseases.

This is a treatment that one does to our self without depending on anybody else.

Srividya Level 5

Dasa Maha Vidya

Maha Vidya is the tantric worship of Ten forms of Shakthi.  Maha vidya means (Maha means Biggest, Vidya-knowledge) Goddesses of great knowledge which are

  1. Kali
  2. Tripura sundari
  3. Tripura Bairavi
  4. Dhoomavathy
  5. Tharambika
  6. Bhuvaneshwari
  7. Chinnamastha
  8. Raja mathangi
  9. Mathangeshwari Bhagala muki
  10. Kamalatmika

There is a tradition of worshipping these deities in their respective form .

Beyond any compassion and above all limitations, the power of the Dasa Mahavidya upasana removes all worries & yields all the worldly comforts while also bestowing divine blessing. Many great warriors & sadhaks  have always adored & prayed to Dasa Maha Vidya using the below Sloka… [THIS SLOKA WILL BE INITIATED IN THE CLASS.]

Kaali, Tara Mahavidya, Shodashi Bhuvaneswari, Bhairavi, Chinnamasta, Vidya Dhumavati Tadha | Bhagala Siddha, Vidyacha Matangi Kamalatmika Yatha dasha Mahavidya, Siddhi vidya prakirthita.

Dasa Mahavidya upasana is extremely powerful , yields all the desires & immense wealth (material as well as spiritual) and the sadhaks who do Dasa Maha Vidya Upasana gains a lot of popularity & earns good prestige too.

Reciting & Meditation on these Dasa Maha Vidya upasana gives sadhaks all the 8 siddhis in their control  including (Anima, Mahima, Garima, Laghima, Prapti, Prakmya, Ishitwa, Vashitwa)

By doing Dasa Mahavidya upasana, one can achieve all kinds of security, gain wealth,health and benefits of obtaining family peace.