There are four essential components in one’s life that determine whether a person leads a comprehensively happy life or not. They are health, wealth, happiness and spirituality. Be happy that there are solutions to our problems and one can have access to them and be benefited by practicing them with absolute faith and dedication.

People should understand the Vedic prescriptions and the acts of panchabhuthas are beyond science as their energies and actions fall under fourth dimension whereas science stops with third dimension. Therefore it is for science which is still in the third dimension to catch up with fourth dimension which represents immeasurable and unseen energies. Beware that your wait will be endless and you will continue to suffer.

There are solutions for all human sufferings as mentioned in our vedas, Upanishads etc. We categorized them under 5 categories.

  1. Geopathic stress management
  2. Cosmic Energies
  3. Karmic Balance
  4. Chakra Functioning
  5. Planetary Empowerment

It is always necessary to create a comprehensive solutions to all the problems, analysed from all possible angles.


Geopathic stress is a negative energy emanating from earth. When one is exposed to high intensity Geopathic stress continuously in a house it results in compromise of immune system of the person leading to health imbalances. We have created a wide range of instruments and remedial gadgets to identify and protect from geopathic stress.

Geopathic Pads / Mats

These are placed below the bed. Thus you will be protected from hazards of geopathic stress.

Geopathic Rods

These rods are filled with 27 types of minerals and exposed to the vibrations of earth frequency through highly advanced quantum energy equipments.

Gruha Suraksha

Gruha Suraksha

Gruhasuraksha are 9 boxes balancing the geopathic stress, unwanted energy in that land.

Cosmic Energies

Energy above the earth are cosmic energies. Cosmic energies decide the wealth and happenings. One should remember that it is the presence of good energy in good quantum only attracts good happenings into the house. We have created gadgets to ensure cosmic energy instantly.

Navaratna Orgonate

This is a particular shaped material prepared by using Navaratna stones, precious stones, crystals, yantras, sacred materials in a particular method by creating a vacuum in it which will attract a desired frequencies, energies to that place where we placed them. By placing this cosmic energizing device originate we can attract abundance cosmic energy to fulfill the desire. This can also be placed in the entrance of house to attract fortune abundant energy to the house / office / working space.

South West Box

This is placed in south-west corner along with Aaishwaryam pads. South west box contains earth symbols, Meru with Sriyantras, Energized Crystals, Energized Precious stones, Rudrakshas etc.,

Shakthi Sarvatra Pads

These pads neutralize Geopathic stress, and shower positive energies above the earth. They are embedded with scalar energy, and are usually placed under the carpet at home.

Main Door Energizer Pyramid

For every house, it is highly recommended to energize the main entrance to invite fortune energy to enter, and also resist unwanted energies.

Anti-Radiation Accessories

One can be confident that Gupta Astra (Radi safe) when attached to the mobile phone or gadget can protect us from harmful effects of radiation based on certificate given by the worlds renounced electronic testing laboratory and other reputed institutions.

Karmic Balance

Net karmic balance = Closing Karma balance + Current Karmic balance. Karmic balance determines the happiness levels and age. We offer easy remedies to earn quick good karmic points through remedies prescribed in vedas and by Buddha. We are happy to say that many people return to happy state of mind fairly quickly as they are positive, willing and dedicated to correct themselves karmically.

  1. Aaishwaryam Pads
  2. Pruthvi Kavach Pads

Chakra Functioning

Chakras are the energy centres of the body. Unless one keeps the chakra functioning at optimal levels, one cannot shine as a full fledged person as the thought process, speech, action, follow-ups, etc. are all linked to various chakras. We created many products for proper chakra functioning.

Planetary Empowerment

Astrology is a great science and we have great astrologers providing Yeoman Service to the humanity by their expert astrological guidance.

Planetary Crystal Ball

Spatika Chikitsa

Every person need of frequency of particular planets. By simply wearing particular planet Gem may not satisfy the individual required frequency. Our team had prepared planetary crystal ball. Grahaspatika crystal ball which is embedded with frequency of that particular planet, mantra frequency, yantra frequency and herb frequency.

Planetary Gem Stone Pyramid

Carry with you always this most powerful Gemstone filled pyramid created to activate planets that are working against your improvements as per your horoscope. Separate gem filled pyramids for each planet including Rahu and Kethu are created for your benefit. When weak planets as per your horoscope is activated it helps to reduce the malefic effects of the weak planet and starts slowering benefits.

By using the right gem stone pyramid your problems are solved to a great extent. we guide you to achieve happiness. Each metallic pyramid for each planet is filled with about 45 carats of unbleached, raw and pure Gem stone suitable for respective planet. This gem stone pyramid will spread the respective Gem stone aura around the person who is in possession of it, which in turn activates the weak planet. These Gemstone pyramid are 10 times more powerful than a cut Gem stone and 10 times cheaper than the cut stones.

Available Gem stone pyramid: Blue sapphire, Cat’s eye, Gomed coral, Emerald, Ruby, Pearl, Yellow Sapphire, Diamond.

Pyramid size: 30mm*27mm height

Anugraha Malas

Spatika Chikitsa

This Crystal Ball is permanently impregnated with a specific required frequency, using our Frequency Embedding Technology, to remove the blocks from blood vessels. The fragile concepts involved in the Crystal Ball therapy is the solution to your physical and mental states.

Akshaya Nidhi

This Multiverse (Multiuniverse) is full of opportunity and abundance energy. Every human shall have desires. This AKSHAYA NIDHI creates a bridge between your desires, opportunities and energies. It consist of 4 yantras, 11-14 Types of precious and semi precious stones, Magic number, etc.

The type of Yantras and semi precious stones vary according to desire which are energized with that particular mantra and mantra frequency (abundant / unlimited frequency).

To project the energy of yantras & crystals it is covered and sealed by spiritual geometrical symbol To utilize the same focused energy the Akshaya Nidhi is provided with magic numerical square card.

Akshaya Nidhi