Our beloved Aathmeswar Sathiyaji himself coaches people and provides life-changing counselling on Life Path Progression. He brings the brain of his and brawn of the technology together to create magic in the life of the person who seeks the personalised services.

Few of the advanced machineries used in the Life Path Progression program are:

Aura Analyser

Aura analyser analyses 54 categories of aura that include 5 elements, 8 directorial energies, and determines the compatibility of a person with the metal he/she uses. Besides, it also checks the energy compatibility of a person.

Quantum Analyser

Quantum Analyser helps to identify the minerals, salts and fluid content in the body.

Aura Scanner

This device is used to measure the dimensions of aura, check the compatibility of a person, find out the positive and negative vibrations around a person and find out geopathic stress.

Cosmic Antenna

This device checks the energy patterns by measuring the energy in the form of frequency. It can be also used as a pendulum.


It is a universal electrophysiological biofeedback system used to analyze tissue and organs in-depth, identify the stress levels and reduce them, harmonize the imbalances energetically.

Human Design

Angel Reading

Tarot Card

Alchemy Process

Kirlian Photography

God Helmet

Quantum Consciousness

The two diverse fields in the world are science and spirituality. The gap between them has expanded over the centuries and no one took the initiative of bridging the gap.

But the discovery of Quantum Physics sure does allay the gap between the two. The Quantum Physics forms the basis for a science of consciousness called Quantum Consciousness.

Quantum theory implies that consciousness exists at a whole new level beyond our perceived three-dimensional reality and cosmos. SE-51000 we use at Sathiya Yogam for measuring quantum consciousness is the future of distance balancing and healing of the human energy field.

Aathmeswar Sathiyaji has immense knowledge and boundless experience in spirituality. Sathiya Yogam’s personalised services are unique and people who have utilized our services have reached greater heights in lives and are successful in their fields. So if you are interested in being a part of our family, you can contact us.