Magic Wish Box (Yantra, Mantra, Thantra Box)

Akshaya Nidhi

This multiverse (multi universe) is full of opportunity and abundance of energy. Every human being is filled with desires and looks out for opportunities. The Akshaya Nidhi creates a bridge between desires and opportunities. The Akshaya Nidhi (wish box) consisting of:

  • 4 Yantras
  • 11 to 14 types of precious and semi precious stones

The type of Yantras and semi precious stones vary according to the purpose, and are energized with that particular mantra and mantra frequency (abundant and unlimited frequency).

To project the energy of yantras & crystals to the beneficiaries, it is covered and sealed by spiritual geometrical symbols. To utilize the same focused energy, the Akshaya Nidhi is also provided with magic numerical square card.

How to use?

Akshaya Nidhi holder is requested to fill the magic numerical square and affix the photo on the card. Holder is requested to duly signed on the card with red pen & fill their name with Capital Letter. To energise the box after duly completion of above process. Hold the box in the left hand & place your right hand over the box and chant the given mantra as many times as possible. You may do this affirmation whenever possible (daily / weekly).