Sathiya Yogam does various free service sessions for its followers and general public, few are Crystal Homa, Karmic Mandala, Shakthi path, Vibronics (distribution of free medicines) Full Moon, New Moon day and Shivarathri day Prayers and meditations, Navavarana meditations on Fridays and Special meditations on Dasara days.

The Mandala Healing

Mandalas are sacred pieces of artwork which are used to evoke healing, spiritual development and meditation. The word Mandala means ‘sacred circle’ and is derived from the word ‘mandra’ which means ‘container of essence’. This circle or ‘container of essence’ is said to represent wholeness, health, connection, unity, harmony and the cycle of life. It is also said to symbolize being one with life, going with the flow and reflecting inward.

Mandala’s also contain geometric patterns which reflect and represent the geometry of the entire Universe. They usually have a focal point in the center which is known as the seed and is the starting point to the creation of the Mandala and all of life.

We use this Mandala symbol and shape for healing with the help of Rudraksha. Creating Mandala for healing with the help of Using Rudraksha, Spatika Mala, Tulasi Mala, Lotus Mala and Precious stone Mala. By using the knowledge of Mandala Chikitsa ( Mandala Healing ) we can make our own stand Mandala for healing, Meditation, and Prayer. The Highest of Highest is we can prepare the MANDALA OF BEING, for discovering the power of Awareness of our own self.

Sulabha Dhyanam

Sulabha Dhyanam is a form is a form of De-concentration meditation which ecourages us to observe wandering thoughts during mediation. Through Sulabha Dhyanam we can relax the physical body, the muscular system, autonomic nervous system, by this way conscious mind also relaxes and automatically our subconscious mind will be invoked. The subconscious mind is the store house of all the incidents the soul had gone through from the time the soul has started its journey in this plain. By regularly practicing of Sulabha Dhyanam the mind goes deeper and deeper level of our subconscious mind.

In Sulabha Dhyanam, we will be able to erase our karmas by way of absorbing and visualizing the incidents during our meditation. When we meditate, our suppressed emotions popup to our subconscious mind and we’ll be able to analyze why we are undergoing the same situation or incidents, which is happening repeatedly in our life. Once we observe our thoughts we can analyze and arrive at a conclusion and let go any incidents which happened in the past from our mind and we can erase our negative imprints.

We will also be able to minimize the effects of negative emotions like anger, guilt, worries and fear etc. As in the earlier situation, suppose we had a misunderstanding and are angry about the person involved, we may have reacted angrily. But when we observe the same incident in Sulabha Dhyanam we’ll be able to see the other person’s point of view, about why he had reacted like that. By practicing the Sulabha Dhyanam we’ll be able to just witness the incident in our mind and release the anger or any other negative emotions.

Healing through Crystals

Crystals have been used throughout all of history as a source of healing power. Crystals have the power to hold energies. You may hold a quartz crystal with the intention of filling it with your love. This is what is meant by programming a crystal. The crystal will remember your love, which will then permeate any environment in which the crystal is placed.

We use crystals for:

  • Chakra cleansing and energise.
  • Energising the water.
  • Cleanse and energise the place.
  • Remove the geopathic stress.
  • Remove toxins from medicine.
  • Energise to attract wealth.
  • Vastu correction without alteration.
  • For improving meditation.
  • Materialisation of our Goals
  • Healing Diseases etc.


Vibronics is safe, effective, with no side effects and is given to all patient at free of cost. Vibronics recognizes that each person is a unique combination of energies consisting of various subtle components. It cures in a holistic way because it acts on all bodies- physical, emotional, mental and spiritual through a process of balancing the energies and clearing the blockages. Through vibronics the healthy, healing vibrations are given to the patients by the practitioner who put the appropriate vibrations into small homeopathic sugar pills for the patient to take on a regular basis. Vibronics successfully treats diseases like Lifestyle and metabolic disorders Recurrent upper respiratory tract infection Migraine, Skin diseases Immunity related diseases/disorders including HIV/AIDS. Kidney, Liver, Heart and Digestive Problems. all Mental Conditions.

Crystal Homam

Every Desire whether it is Wish fulfilling / Problem solving / Disease removing / Relationship upliftment can be balanced through precious stones, Mantras & Bhava. In the Sathiya Yogam Crystal Homam according to the above subject we select the types of Crystal, Mantras & Bhavas. (The duration and number of times vary according to wish) we request the almighty to fulfill that desire. We use more than 58 types of precious stones in large quantity according to the desire.

Shiva Sakthi Abishekam

We perform Abishekam to Shiva lingam and Sakthi on important times of the year.