The South West direction is a place where the required energy of that house will be distributed from this corner. That is why according to the  Santhana Dharma (Hindu Tradition) the South  West corner is governed by the Kubera. who is the treasurer for wealth of Mahalakshmi ( Goddess of Wealth).

South West Vasthu Box


Energised Crystals CRYSTALS
Yantras (14 Types)
Precious Stones
Maha Meru along with Yantra
Antharkarna Symbol & much more

We Place 14 types of yantras to energise all different aspects of life including Health, Wealth, Hapiness, Spirituality, Harmony, Negativity removal, Longevity, Flow of Money, Relationship, Education, Penance, Clarity in Thinking etc.

Note : This type and weight of crystals & precious stone depends upon the dimension and energy of the place