Gruha Suraksha is a science of ancient wisdom dealing with Energy levels, Energy fields, energy points, geopathic stress in order to establish a positive correlation between the Earth Energies, directional energies and the cosmic energies. The fundamental vastu shastra have eight directions & Bramhasthala. Each direction is governed by particular lord.

Worshipping lords of specific direction yields eternal bliss to the people in the form of success, health and prosperity. Gruha Suraksha boxes can be placed before the constructions preferable or otherwise if it is possible we can dig and place it even after construction.

These vastu boxes also balances all five elements Earth, Water, Air, Fire (heat & light) and Sky in proper proportion for prosperity & harmony. Gruha suraksha is a scientific Vastu Boxes which accounts for 8 direction & Bramhasthala.

Each vastu box contains

  1. Antahkarna Symbol
  2. Yantras
  3. Mahameru with Sriyantra
  4. Crystals Energized
  5. Precious Stones
  6. Rudraksha Malas

8 Directions & Bramhsthala Box

  1. North
  2. South
  3. East
  4. West
  5. North East
  6. North West
  7. South East
  8. South West
  9. Bramhasthala

Yantras, crystals & precious stones vary according to the vastu Adhipathi of that direction. Mandala Healing is final process with Rudrakshams, Tachynoized crystals & sacred materials using symbols, chanting special mantras in lying posture of the person so that the Dhoshas are cleansed and activates the energy vertexes of the person for a rejunivated future life.